To say that the internet is the most significant technological innovation of our times is perhaps one of the most reductive statements one could make about the internet.

The unprecedented level of information available to an increasing number of internet users has created a paradigm shift in the way business is conducted.

In today’s day and age, businesses have become far more competitive than ever due to instantaneous transmission of information regarding consumer preferences, myriad platforms for branding and innovations in payment platforms that are far more efficient than any ever created, inducing structural changes in both producer/retailer and consumer dynamics.

Just to get a measure of the sensitivity of consumer reaction to the performance of web pages of well renowned businesses, developed an infographic based on observations of 12 well known online brands.

The infographic concludes that improving page speed by 1 second generates an extra $7,000; 1 second delay leads to a fall in page views by 11%, among other various observations. These conclusions point to the centrality and the importance of having not only an online presence, but rather, a streamlined one to ensure profitability and to realize greater success as a business.

Either from the perspective of marketing and branding or that of setting up a market place, developing an online presence has become the need of the hour for any new start-ups. We will now specify reasons for why an online presence has become essential to creating a successful start-up:

  • The integration of social media platforms with business, as well as the incorporation of data analytics in marketing techniques has allowed for the creation of a large consumer base.
  • The spread of E-commerce platforms and the creation of digital points of sales has added new dynamics to consumer spending patterns. Consumers now also look for faster transactions, in addition to just the availability of a product; this has increased competition based on efficiency rather than just product differentiation.
  • With the increases in data available to conduct business analytics, there is a wider range of metrics available based on the behaviors exhibited by consumers and clientele. This allows startups and existing businesses to create customized packages or services that cater far more accurately to customer needs than before.
  • Finally, given the increasingly competitive nature of the startup community, partly due to developing a successful online presence; it is imperative that start-ups keep consistently innovating on the basis of the data they can acquire through their online activities.


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