Can you imagine life without never ending cat memes, celeb gossip and twitter wars? We can’t either.

Which is why domains are so crucial to our existence and more so, the internet’s.

What Are Domains?

Sure, you’ve heard the term float around and know it’s important, but you don’t really know what it means.

Well, how many times a day do you find yourself browsing, looking up something, for school, work or just for fun?

The text you type into the browser URL bar to access a website is basically the domain address of that website.

IP Addresses

Initially, people were required to type long IP addresses which looked something like this: 12.345.67.8 to access information. The internet God heard man’s plea and hence, domains were invented to save us from having to wreck our brains and memorize these long complicated numerical codes for websites.

Now, to visit a website, you just have to type in its domain name: like and you’re good to go!

Why You Need a Domain

Registering your own domain name is the best way to own your content on the internet. If you have a business of your own, you’re sure to want an online presence to promote it. That online presence best comes in the form of a website, one which you would require a domain to own.

Choosing the Right Domain

Once you’ve established that you need to establish a base on the internet, it is essential that you pick the right domain name for your website. Here are a few pointers that might help:


You don’t want a domain name that is too long and exhausting for your visitors to remember (think about how difficult IP addresses were). But also, don’t stick to extremely short names or abbreviations because even that can get quite confusing.

A good rule to go by is to keep it under 15 characters and stick to three words or less. This helps your domain name remain easy to remember and type.

Keep it Simple

Avoid using any numbers and abbreviations in your domain names. Keep it relevant to your business and simple enough to be remembered.


domain registration

Incorporate keywords to maximize your visibility on search engines. This is crucial for your SEO optimization strategies. Using keywords that are relevant to your business helps keep it your website on top of search engine results and bring in more audience to your website.


When choosing a domain name, make sure that the name is legally available and that you aren’t infringing on any trademarks. Make sure no other website is registered under that name. This is not only important for legal purposes but also to maintain your customer base and keep them from confusing your business with another. You need to do your best to keep your domain name unique and exclusive.

Register Your Domain

Once you’ve chosen your domain name, the next step is to register it. You can easily do this online through our website. Choose the domain you want, check the availability and buy it! It’s all yours!

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