Websites, designing,  coding—who hasn’t heard of these terms?

All come under the phenomenon that is website development. From designing and creating a single page to  keeping the website modified and maintained, it’s the web developers who sit at the top most pedestal of the digital world today. And they’re tired. Not because their work is exhausting—which it is—but because they’re tired of hearing things about their job. Things which are not true at all.

These are 6 myths all web developers want you to know are not true!

1. There’s a Difference between Creation and Development

Just because you can create a web page doesn’t mean you have become a web developer. CSS and HTML along with others need to be perfected before one can go around parading as a web developer.

2. A Stale Website is a Goner

Just because a web page was created once does not mean that the job ends there. Maintenance is key, and the addition of new content keeps websites from going stagnant.

3. . . . And it’s a Hard Nut to Crack!

Are you among those who think that website developers sit all day in front of a computer screen clicking here and there, tapping on their keyboards, and then producing a fully functioning website out of thin air?

It’s not as simple as that, and web developers want you to know that. Even a simple looking website costs the developer precious time and effort.

4. The Age-Code Relation

Coding can be done at 20 and it can be done at 40. And it can be done just right. Just because someone began coding early on does not mean that others, who started late, are not just as good. Alan Turning is just one example.

5. If the Shoe Doesn’t Fit. . . it is Thrown Away

Google doesn’t like websites that are not compatible or cannot adapt to screens of different sizes. Website development accounts for these adaptations too.

6. Web Development is Anybody’s Job

You might think that approaching a professional website developer isn’t necessary at all. You can pull a few strings and make your own website. After all, you know a little about Photoshop and a little about design, so you should be fine, right?

Website development is not everybody’s job. The technical nitty gritty of layouts, navigation, and industry practices will bring you down. You might think that you’re saving money by constructing a website yourself but in the long run, it’s a loss.

Always go to a professional website development service for a job as technically demanding as this. They’ve been at it for years and have tons of experience–there really is no other way to get a stellar website for your firm.

Now that the conspiracy theories are out of the way, you might want to dial (844) 433-4678 or get in touch with a website development agency in Houston today!