Recent spurts in technological innovation calls for consistent improvement and innovation. As a developer, if you manage to stay apace with what’s in, there is very little doubt that you will go far.

Here are 5 trends you need to keep trend of in 2019 to keep ahead of the curve:

1) Progressive Web Applications

Progressive web applications recreate the website browsing experience on an application-like platform. Major players such as Forbes, the Washington Post and Twitter have introduced PWAs and enjoyed huge returns on their online presence.

Browsing a website through its progressive web application is faster, uses less data and from a developer’s perspective, reportedly creates a significantly higher conversion rate.

2) Push Notifications

Push notifications such as those used by Facebook and Twitter are a sure-fire way to keep the user engaged. These notifications basically serve as reminders to the user that there is new content to be viewed on websites or applications.

Incorporating push notifications into you projects is a very simply method of making sure that your website keeps generating continuous activity. Used as a promotional tool for E-commerce platforms, it could go a long way in generating clientele.

3) One-page Websites

Gone are the days where you could have extensive websites with multiple redirect links. The average internet user demands an easier access to content on the website, presented in a way that it is easily understood.

Single page websites achieve exactly that; through an ingenious use of visual aids and crafty interactive designs, web pages are now far more streamlined and will only continue to improve over time. As an example, check out this piece of art.

4) Visual Content

The need for a faster and a smoother browsing experience has rendered written content obsolete, paving the way for more direct visual content that is far more convenient to go through.

So the next time you design a website, create visualizations of data that you would otherwise have to write out. Whether it is in the form of video clips or elegant slide shows, we leave that for you to decide.

5) Mobile Web development

The recent surge in mobile browsing with a corresponding shift from desktop browsing, calls for a more mobile-centric approach to development. 2019 will be the year of mobile friendly websites; compact, tidy and seamlessly connected to the user smartphone experience. Developing an expertise in Mobile Web development is one skill set that no web developer ought to forego in 2019.

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