Designing a website may sound easy but there are a lot of potential pitfalls that can keep your website from being user-friendly.

Have you ever clicked on a website and immediately bombarded with flashes of information? Yet, at the end of it, you still had no clue what the business was really about.

That is an example of a really bad website design. Ideally, a good web design is one that is simple yet informative. It gives the reader a clear idea what the business is about and directs them towards what action they can take.

To put up an impressive web design, here are a few mistakes you should avoid at all costs:

1. A Slow-Loading Page

A slow-loading website is one of the most frustrating things anyone can experience. According to surveys, 53% of people will leave a page if it takes longer than 2-3 seconds to load.  Tricky to work around, but not impossible.

Page load speeds depends on factors like the size of the images used, the animations, as well as the hosting server. Make sure all of these are taken care of to maintain the lowest page times.

2. Too Much Clutter

Being bombarded with a ton of information the minute a person clicks on a link is not what you should be going for. A cluttered webpage with banners, pop-ups and too many options will only serve to drive visitors away. Data from Hubspot shows that around 76% of web users prefer usability over fancy web designs. So, keep it clean and simple.

3. Never-Ending Essays

Your home page should not be full of large blocks of texts that seem never-ending to the reader. Most visitors want quick bursts of information that update them on what the website is all about. Go for smaller chunks of texts that are easier to read and detail extra information on separate subpages.

separate subpages

4. Bad CTAs

CTAs or call to actions are what will prompt the reader to connect with you. Oftentimes, we website’s CTA is hard to find or hidden too far on the bottom where no one would notice it. Instead of making a drab and unremarkable CTA, make one that is immediately noticeable and engaging enough for the reader to click on.

5. No Sharing Options

Social media platforms have become our primary forms of communication. So, not have your social media profiles clearly listed out on your website is missing out on a big opportunity. Social media can bring you potentially more visitors due to the means of content sharing, so make sure to list down your social media handles.

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